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.NET Core series - Serverless, GraphQL, NuGet, testing, Entity Framework and more

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Sign up for a free Azure account
To create Serverless Azure Functions you will need a free Azure account

How YOU can build a Serverless C# .Net Core API in no time, with bindings and a Database
This shows how to work with input and output bindings and connect to a CosmosDB database

How YOU can build a Web API using GraphQL .Net Core and Entity Framework
How you can build a Web API with underlying GraphQL and Entity Framework

Testing in .Net Core
This covers how to get started with testing. Create test projects, run tests. Additionally, it also covers good practics like naming and how to structure your tests

Serverless + GraphQL
This shows how you can build a GraphQL API in Net, we also show mutations. The article then proceeds to host the GraphQL API in a Serverless app.

GraphQL + Console app
This shows how you can use GraphQL in a Console app for .Net and C#. Additionally, it also teaches some foundations on GraphQL.

Entity Framework fundamentals
ORM, Object Relational Mapper is what you use when you want a layer between you and the database. The reason for doing that is speed of development.

Nuget, build and ship a package
Want to know how you can build packages, reusable pieces of code that you can reuse in other projects? So do you also want to make your code globally available? Then this article on NuGet is for you.

Getting started with .Net Core
You thought .NET was for Windows? Thanks to VS Code and .NET Core, C#, as well as .NET, is a very nice experience. Learn how to scaffold projects, run them, test them, what extensions to use. This post is a must if you want a good overview

Serverless app in .Net
Building a Serverless REST API is quite easy using Azure Functions and some great plugins in VS Code. This is the 10-20 min of coding, depending on your caffeine level ;) Getting to use .NET and C# while building is even greater

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