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Tech Exceptions new Episode - The Importance of Testing data Applications

It was a true pleasure to have Angie Jones on the Microsoft Tech Exceptions show.

Angie shared the Tech Univesity she built, the importance of software testing too, the role of a QA, and how you can leverage AI and Data to help you with testing.
And last but not least, how you can automate this whole process and make it an integral part of your CI/CD process using GitHub Actions.

A GitHub actions workflow helps you automate the build, test, package, release or deployment of any project on GitHub using a dedicated workflow.

Each workflow is made up o individual actions that run after a specific event, trigger, for example, git commit or a pull request. Each action is a packaged script that is part of the whole automated software development tasks.

Many Microsoft services have support for GitHub actions.

For example, if you work with AKS (Azure Kubernetes service), you can customize and automate the deployment process to your cluster. Same with Azure SQL.

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Tech Exceptions - The Importance of Testing data Applications

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I hope you gained value and learn something new, as always I'm happy to take your career and startup questions at @adipolak and @TechExceptions

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