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The Future of Data Systems @ Microsoft Ignite 2020

I'm thrilled and super excited to be hosting this fantastic panel on the Future of Data Systems.

Our incredible guests:

Martin Kleppmann

Martin Kleppmann is a researcher in distributed systems at the University of Cambridge, and author of “Designing Data-Intensive Applications”. Previously he worked on startups and on LinkedIn's data infrastructure.

Annette Bieniusa

Annette Bieniusa is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Kaiserslautern. Her areas of interest comprise distributed and concurrent programming and programming abstractions. She is also a senior technical advisor in a startup for data storage in edge computing, named

Kevin Jahns

Kevin Jahns independent Hacker from Germany. Kevin works on decentralized, collaborative applications for the web. Learn more about Kevin's project Yjs for enabling high-performance CRDT for building collaborative applications that sync automatically.

What will be discussed?

We will talk about CRDTs - Conflict-free Replicated Data Types, what they enable us, and how you can use it, today, to design your innovative data system.

This is an open panel and you are encouraged to submit questions to our experts. Join us and submit your question in the Q&A widget or here in the comments section.

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