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Xiaomi Flashing Guide

Applicable to all Xiaomi Devices

Install twrp/custom rom/non android rom/

for all variants of xiaomi devices

A neat flashing guide


  1. A custom recovery-> twrp recovery, download it on computer
  2. A custom rom , download and save it on your phone storage
  3. ADB ,download it on your computer and run on the command prompt
  4. Unlocked bootloader

*Downloading twrp:

At first find the twrp recovery image file from twrp official site. For this you need to know about Device name of your phone for example device code name of Xiaomi Redmi 4a is rolex, you can search about your device code name online or if it is hard for you to search then you can simply download the app called Phone info by vndnguyen and and look under device name.

For installing twrp in your device you need to goto and for your particular device download the img file for example rolex.img

*Downloading ADB

Now download Minimal adb and fastboot devices especially for Windows user (p.s: for linux users I will mention about the packages to install later on another post) from here .Now run the adb terminal on extracting the zip.

*Before the flashing very important

_ Unlocking the bootloader of xiaomi is complulsion before proceedinga any thing. For this you should dowload xiaomi unlock tool from _ _ here __ . Do as mi has mentioned there and easily your device is unlocked. _

Goto your phone enable developer options by going to settings->about->device and tapping on build number repeatedly until developer option is turned on go back now you see developer options is on. scroll down and enable the usb debugging and unlock the oem if it is also present. After that switch off the device and press vol.down+power button at same time until mi written word is shown and release them and then you will see download mode, now connect your device using usb to your computer and now type in:

adb devices
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(you will see device written along with a particular id , if unauthorized is written then probably you haven't made usb debugging on or it might be other errors, if you need help you can message me)

again type :

adb reboot bootloader
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(here your device goes to bootloader mode)

*Flashing twrp

now select the img file and paste inside the file named minimal adb and fastboot devices under c:/programs86x and paste it there and now type:

fastboot devices
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(to check for device connection)

Now you can start the flash by typing:

fastboot flash recovery theimgfile.img
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and on a success flash you will see done written now manually goto wrp by pressing vol.up+power at same time and finally you see twrp appearing.

*Before flashing custom rom

store the custom rom file in your phone's internal or external storage. It is a safe side to do a nandroid backup incase anything goes wrong.Do this by going to backup option in twrp and make a back up in external storage to always be on safe way and after you have backup lets proceed to next.

*Custom os flashing

Now goto wipe in twrp, goto advance wipe and check box for wiping ******system,cache,data,dalvik Only******

now swipe to wipe and after wiping success go back and goto install and select the storage where the zip of the Os is stored and select the zip and swipe right to flash and leave it for the process after the successfull flashing swipe right to reboot to system now it may take about 4/5 min for your system to load. Happy flashing.

To the people: I know sometimes as its written you may face many errors due to some file format corrupt or some other bt I have solution to all these. On your request I will be happy to post solution there after so you can leave a comment below or email me. _x_

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