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What will I learn to be able to make a little library system on the website?

Hello there :)
What I'm gonna learn is to build a small library system over the website in purpose that I volunteered to make it for owner just to get experience, but I don't really clear about all the things that it will be included. Which database shall I use? How to buy and use the Hosting and Domain? Is that the database will be stored over the internet? If it so, what could I do with the virtual database.
I really really beginner but willing to know and enjoying of learning and do thing with programming. :)
please give me any recommendation on what I'm gonna do.

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Ben Halpern

Use the language you're most familiar with and find the framework that provides most of the stuff out of the box so you don't have to make too many decisions.

If you went with Ruby on Rails and hosted on Heroku, that would be a pretty tailored fit IMO. But if you're more familiar with JavaScript or PHP, find something in that realm.

Hosting and domain doesn't need to be figured out right away because something will be available for whatever you pick. Google as you go.