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Programming by Voice for Visual Studio Code

Hi guys! I've just released my new extension for Visual Studio Code: Voice Assistant. It allows you to put code snippets by voice into your code. You can prepare different snippets per each project. Also it supports multiple VSC windows. You may use it for any programing language!

Voice Assistant

(check this example with voice 🔉)

🚀 How to Run?

  1. Install this extension from the marketplace.
  2. Install & run a server. The server is necessary, because it does all speech recognition job. Currently we support only Windows. 💾 Download server for Windows (it requires .NET5)
  3. Add voice-assistant.json file to root directory of your project and click "Reload definition". You may use this example file or click "Add example voice-assistant.json" button.
  4. That's it! 🎤

Give me your feedback please. ✌

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