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Badarinath Venkatnarayansetty
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Step Indicator in SwiftUI

This SwiftUI iOS cocoapods library is used for indicating step actions for series of steps involved for any task. For eg: if you wanna illustrate the steps for collecting cash from an ATM , steps involved for any loan application. etc..

Alt Text

Here’s the library which does the work with just couple of lines which accepts below View Modifiers

.addSteps(_ steps: [View]) : array of views to be rendered closer to indicator

.alignments(_ alignments: [StepperAlignment]) : optional defaults to .center, available with custom options either .top, .center, .bottom sections

.indicatorTypes(_ indicators:[StepperIndicationType]): enum provides the options to use .circle(color, width) , .image(Image, width) , .custom(AnyView)

.lineOptions(_ options: StepperLineOptions): color, thickness line customization.

.spacing(_ value: CGFloat): spacing between each of the step views.

.stepIndicatorMode(_ mode: StepperMode): vertical, horizontal display modes.

Alt Text

     var body: some View {
            .addSteps([Text("Account"), Text("MemberShip"))




More Documentation

Feel free to request any new features or create a pull request.

Happy Coding..!

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