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My first steps with YouTube

bakedbird profile image Eleftherios Psitopoulos ・2 min read

It all started about a month ago when I bought a new camera...

I am a big fan of some great programmer-YouTubers and I was thinking about starting my own channel since 1) there are not many channels of this kind and 2) why not?

Being honest, I have to admit that I was shy at first, not knowing what to say or how to start but as December was approaching, I thought I could start with this popular kind of YouTube videos called Vlogmas. I learned about them from my wife, with whom I spend hours everyday watching YouTube videos, and I noticed that no other programmer-YouTuber does this kind of videos! I don't know why, but I saw a gap and thought about making the start!

It's all going to be about programming, so I thought that Vlogmas is not a great name to go by, since it's labeled by fashion and makeup vloggers. So I thouht about it and chose to name them Codemas! :D

I don't know if this attempt will succeed, but I am surely going to try it out! I do hope though that it's going to be a nice push for other programmer-YouTubers to start doing Codemas videos. After all, it's a great chance to get to know them/ each other better.

Below are the first two videos I have made so far. If you watch them, I would really love to have some feedback! It's a start so, I would like some direction!

Also, feel free pitch ideas for the next videos. Would you subscribe? What would you like to watch?

I really enjoy this fresh start of mine, it's a nice unexplored territory that I hope you come explore with me!

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Amruta Ranade • Edited

At work right now, so can't watch the whole video right now. Will watch both videos when I get home :)

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Eleftherios Psitopoulos Author

Thank you!! I can't wait for your feedback!

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Amruta Ranade • Edited

Watched both videos and liked them a lot! They were entertaining and informative.

I jotted down a few thoughts as I watched:

  • The little birdy watermark is so cute!!
  • Aww! The Christmas-themed intro is cute as well :)
  • For the first video's endscreen, you might want to add a powerpoint/image screen at the end with the next video's thumbnail. As of now, the next video's thumbnail appears while you're talking, so I wait till you finish your talking head part. But by the time we get to the end and about to click the next video's thumbnail, it vanishes. So an endscreen that lingers a bit after your talking head part would be helpful.
  • For the second video, it might be helpful to first orient the viewer with basics like which OS you are using and which software's extensions you are showing. You don't need to edit the video; you can just add the info to the description. (Disclaimer: This might be evident to other front-end devs. I am a tech writer, so I am unfamiliar with the basics of front-end dev. If this comment stems from my lack of knowledge, I apologize.)
  • I love the picture-in-picture format. It's so much more engaging than just screencaps with voiceover.
  • These are excellent resources! Can't wait to try them out! (I think they'll be helpful for my docs work as well since I write docs in Markdown).

Thanks for sharing the videos!

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Eleftherios Psitopoulos Author

I can't thank you enough for the feedback!!

That birdy is actually my personal logo! :D It was the previous avatar I had on the channel, which I changed to a new one with my face to make my channel friendlier but from your feedback I get the feeling that I should change back!

I'm glad you also liked the intros! Since its all about the Christmas season, I thought this touch would be niche! Sadly I don't have enough footage for a third one, so, I will recycle parts of the previous ones.

You are so right about the endscreen! I didn't even think of it! I am currently editing the third one and I will make sure to add an ending slide!

I agree with your points for the second video and it's not about your lack of knowledge, its that I tend to forget that some people with no previous knowledge are going to watch them and I subconsciously assume that they already know what I am talking about.
That's wrong and I am working on ways to fix that. Now that I think of it, the third video will be a bit incomplete too since I once again assumed that people do know what I'm talking about! Hopefully I will fix me soon!
On the other hand, this should be an opportunity for people to start commenting and fire up conversations!

I have to confess that voiceovers are so much easier to create since English is not my mother tongue! I make mistakes when talking and have to cut and sew over and over which breaks the consistency of the video some times but picture-in-picture videos are friendlier, it's like you are actually watching me (or anyone) show you what I am doing, we have a kind of face-to-face contact, which is important since it makes the videos more human!

I'm glad you liked the videos so far! I really enjoy sharing what I know and have learned over the years. I don't know much, nor am I a guru, but this little I know, I want to offer to those who are starting out!

My decision to start YouTubing with Codemas was an under-thought one since it requires me to find something to talk about every day till December 25th. I have planned nothing so far and I'm pretty sure I won't always have something to show, but after this deadline, I will start organising the videos better, since I will have enough time to plan ahead.

PS. Well, my response is not cohesive enough. It may not make much sense too but, I had a train of thoughts while writing it and I didn't want to interrupt it :D

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Amruta Ranade

Oh, don't change your avatar - it's good to see the human behind the channel :) The birdy watermark is enough!

I planned on doing vlogmas too, but didn't because I extensively plan my videos, so they take a looong time to produce. I applaud your decision to take the plunge and make videos everyday. It inspires me to create more without overthinking and overplanning. Thank you for that :) Looking forward to the next videos in Codemas!

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Eleftherios Psitopoulos Author

The thing is that since I changed my avatar, the watermark will change also. At least I think so! We will find out!

Just the thought that I inspired someone makes really me happy! Well, since you need to plan your videos, you could start with something simpler that doesn't require you to upload everyday! Having to upload everyday and trying to keep a decent quality is really demanding but I would prefer to skip a day if I had to upload something that I wouldn't enjoy watching myself!

Press the record button and start talking! It will take time, lots of time, to start having a flow, you will have long, awkward pauses, twist your tongue, it will be frustrating, but once you get there, you will love it!

I think it's better if you don't over-plan it but still have a fair idea of what you want to talk about. It will make the videos more human since you will talk more freely, without bias to go by the script!