I Ask: Do people actually say "MERN-stack?"

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  • Have you ever heard the term "MERN-stack" used?
  • From your experience, would the majority of coders around you understand what that entails to someone's coding tools if they say they're a "MERN-stack developer?" What do you think about this?

MERN refers to Mongo, Express, React, and Node. It's a term I've started hearing early this month, and thought nothing of it other than a cool acronym to describe these toolsets. Then, I started hearing it called the "MERN-stack," and one or two "MERN-stack developers" and January passed on.

This is pure curiosity, and I'd be interested in reading your replies.

Thanks for your answers, and Happy Coding!

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Well, I would understand it. I switched to LAMP from Windows when I began studying, and then around 2018 started actually using Node. I began with Node, Express, and Mongo. I was using EJS templates, so it was mostly a manly MEN stack. It actually should be followed by stack in conversation because your speaking an acronym, it just adds clarity since 'mean' is a word, and 'mern' lacks distinguishing annunciation (it sounds like a slur).


I have never heard the term, and I think that someone referring themselves as a MERN-stack developer would get blank looks and then, after they explained it, disbelieving laughter.

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