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SQL Select Query

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SELECT * FROM students
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This command is used to query all the data in the Students table, by typing all the columns in that table instead of *, we get them all.

FROM students
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We need to specify the column names with commas after the SELECT statement.

FROM indicates where, * indicates all data, SELECT indicates what to do with the obtained data. SELECT is used to select data from that table. If we write the column names specified in the table instead of *, it returns only the information in that column.

Students table

In our example, there are id, name, surname, quiz, midterm, final, class_no columns in the Students table. A total of 7 data has been entered in this table. The first line shows the record with id 1 and name surname Baransel Arslan.

If we want to bring all the information in the name column in the Students table;

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