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MacBooks and it's storage issues, how are you dealing with it?

barelyhuman profile image Reaper ・1 min read

So I've got a Macbook Pro 13' 128GB and use it primarily for development.

Thing now is that the other storage keeps increasing and re-cleaning it again and again using DiskSweeper is a task , So I bought a 256GB External SSD and moved and setup XCode on it. It's working but I can't really eject the disk anymore as I had to re-setup XCode again if I did forcefully eject it.

Now the question, I've seen people here have dual installations on mac. Am I restricted to have the external connected even then? then I guess the XCode approach is simpler but if I can eject the external whenever I want then I think I'll go ahead with the dual install.

If someone has a better alternative, let me know

I ended up installing the os on a the external device and can remove the device and boot from it whenever I want. Installing Xcode and huge projects on this from now on, there's a slight performance lag because of the difference between a sata connected SSD vs a USB C / Thunderbolt connected ssd

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Ben Sinclair

I put all my containers and stuff on a real computer where I can, and use the Mac to connect to it as a client.

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Reaper Author

Got that working for the Node and Rust based projects, have a linux system as a host in the local network with those.
Most issue is with the company projects that I can't just store in the home network drives.
and Swift , React Native, Flutter code bases take up a lot of space.
Hence the decision to have a portable drive but having the disk hang on to the laptop everywhere I go is also not a good thing.

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I actually have reformatted many times because of this.

Nevet even tried add more SSD approach.

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Reaper Author

I already commented about using Omni Disk, but it didn't seem to go through.
You can use Omni Disk Sweeper to go through the file system and give you the exact location of the space usage, Helped me reduce 30 Gigs but also research a bit about the path that you are deleting from to avoid having to re install the whole OS again.