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My VSCode, Visual Settings (Theme, tab layouts,etc)

Now this doesn't really need a huge write up but I'll just link you to a Gist that'll give you the whole settings.json.

Changed my mind,
I'm gonna link a few things that I'm using anyways.


I switch between these 2 themes

Material Theme

Ayu Theme


It's a custom Ubuntu Mono font with Ligatures added, You can find it at lemeb/a-better-ligaturizer, or customize any of your own fonts to use ligatures as well

Fira Code Mono is another one that I like.


Music Time - Control Spotify with your code editor

PolaCode - For Epic Code screenshots

And that's about it, I do have other language specific plugins but I don't think I need them posted here.

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Thanks for the Music Time recommendation. Much better than what I was using before.

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I actually started using it recently, i used to control Spotify from the terminal but then it'd require to either open a new tab or split for me to just change to the next song so I figured this would be a better option