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Reaper Discuss: Let's talk about a Repository and Project Management App

barelyhuman profile image Reaper ・1 min read

Normally, I'd just build it and bring it to you guys but this time I'd like to try another route and instead of going all in, I'd like to know your views about the idea.

So, the project's concept is very simple.
It manages your ideas and projects on a simple web/desktop app.

You add in ideas as you like and when you feel like working on one, you let the app know you want to initiate a project and it'll create a git repository for you and give you a git clone url.

And you can add notes etc to your commits for that project and also add tasks and stuff.

Basically everything that Github already offers but a little more tilted towards managing the project as to adding and editing code approach that github tends to fall towards.

Let me know if there are things you wish it could do or if the project would be a total flop.

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