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Where are you!!?

barelyhuman profile image Reaper ・1 min read

Where the hell are you Reaper?! Why have there been, no new posts!?

Um, Firstly Hi, I'm good thanks.

I'm alive, doing well, I just don't post much on because I remember mentioning that I'll be posting more and more on my own blog from now.
Which you can find here => , and though the posts aren't frequent and you won't be notified of a new post or anything.

It's more for people who actually like what I write and do.
It doesn't mean , I'm not active on, I still read everything that's posted. I still comment and react on posts I like, I just don't post here anymore.

That's for the mails I got regarding no new posts...

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Cas Hoefman

Glad you are alive!