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Top 10 VSCode Extensions for More Productive Python Development

Python (Microsoft)

The obvious one: Make VSCode speak Python with Microsoft's Python extension

Python Extension

Image description

Python Indent

Make VSCode better at indentation of Python code

Python Indent Extension

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Better Comments

Colorcode your comments

Better Comments Extension

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Python Test Explorer

Run your Python test from the UI

Python Test Explorer Extension

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Python Preview

Visualize and Understand your Python code during debugging

Python Preview Extension

Python Type Hint

Auto-complete type hints in your Python code with this extension.

Python Type Hint Extension

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AREPL for python

AREPL automatically evaluates Python code in real-time as you type

AREPL Extension


Quickly generate docstrings for Python functions

autoDocstring Extension

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An extension for #Django developers:

Useful collection of snippets for django templates, models, views, fields & forms

Djaneiro Extension

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