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December goals

Attaining mastery of any skill means we need to learn, practice, fail, and iterate in the learning process many times. I can say the same for my open-source development journey. Being able to contribute to open-source projects has been a highlight of this year and in the last month of 2022, I plan on continuing my open-source development to keep up the momentum I built over the last two months. I have a few goals outlined for this month that I would like to accomplish by the end of the year.

Improve on code reviews:

Earlier I wrote a blog about my code-reviewing process and how it did not go too well.  I want to practice doing some more code reviews throughout this month and get better at giving constructive and effective feedback.

More open-source project contributions:

Honestly, I should have started this task a couple of days ago, however, life happened and I got into a late start. I found a couple of potential repositories I would like to contribute to over the next week:

  • My Photohub: I have already contributed to this project a few weeks ago where I created the UI of the progressive web app (PWA) using React. I plan on working on the other issues filed for this project and try to get closer to the finished product of this project.

  • Intel/cve-bin-tool: There are several issues in this repository that are interesting to me, particularly the ones about creating checkers. I would say it is not very coding-heavy, but it needs a lot of research before doing it.

  • Some other interesting repositories I came across while looking for some projects were:

Refactor, improve and package palpatine

I have been working on building my static site generator palpatine for the last two months. However, I have not had the chance yet to package it up to create my first release yet. When I attempted to package it up a few days ago, I ended up with a lot of errors and bugs that would require lots of time to debug. I plan on sitting with it next week again.

Solve Advent of Code problems

This year, I am also challenging myself to keep up with solving the Advent of Code challenges!

Try out Advent of Cyber

I also found out about this amazing challenge from a classmate and would love to give it a try!

Fun fact: This year my classmates and I started building a browser based cybersecurity game with three.js
When I found out about Advent of Cyber, I knew I had to give the challenges a try to learn different cybersecurity concepts in a fun and engaging way.
This year, I am also challenging myself to keep up with solving the Advent of Code challenges!

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