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Anonymous Blogging - How and Where

Who doesn't love privacy or staying safe?
Assume you have a world changing idea but afraid to tell the world about it, because you know what might happen next . . . and it wouldn't be good to write about it on your own blog, so what you gonna do? πŸ’­

Don't worry, I've found some ways to do that without harming your privacy.

Anonymous Blogging

You write blogs, but nobody knows who wrote that! πŸŽ‰

Let's look into some anonymous blogging platforms


Made by the people behind the famous private messaging app Telegram, I think I've said enough about privacy πŸ˜‰. Telegraph is simple , minimal and easy to use anonymous blogging platform.

πŸ‘ Highly Recommend by Me


ItΒ is probably the most feature-rich anonymous blogging platform. It doesn’t track you, doesn’t log your IP address and you can even publish using their Tor hidden service.

πŸ‘ Highly Recommend by Me


I think itΒ is the simplest blogging platform out there. No need to sign up and no tracking. You just need to post. Simple minimal design and easy to use.

πŸ‘ Give it a try

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Top comments (6)

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Andrew (he/him)

Isn't blogging -- partially, at least -- about letting people know who you are? Don't you consider "getting your name out there" an important part of blogging?

arunsathiya profile image

I'd second that. One of the primary reasons for blogging is centered around the idea of community engagement, which wouldn't be possible with anonymous presence. Curious to hear more about the use cases behind anonymous blogging.

subbramanil profile image
Subbu Lakshmanan • Edited

Well. I have to agree with you guys. Most of the time people write blogs to engage with community and gain visibility in the digital world.

The use cases where I see in which people may prefer to be anonymous is when talking about a sensitive topic or whistleblowing. You don't want anyone to track you.

And in fact you can post blogs anonymously in itself. Add a hashtag #anonymous to your post and it will be posted anonymously.

You can check the list of anonymous posts so far.

bauripalash profile image
Palash Bauri πŸ‘»

You're actually right, but someone someday may find it useful.

utopiap2p profile image
Utopia P2P

I believe that the most anonymus blog will be the one created inside a secure web or application. Having a usual blog built in WordPress and entering it with VPN doesn't really mean it's safe and anonymous. You have to look for apps like Utopia p2p which are blockchain based and don't require any data during the registration. And inside you can create a blog or channel and fill it in being 100% sure that no one will know your real identity ever.

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