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Python for Android How To Run Python Programs On Android


If you're reading this there're chances that you're interested in learning Python or already a Python Programmer who loves to experiment, if yes , Welcome My Friend To The World of Curiosity. If you've an Android device and you want to run python programs on your device this article is for you.

Android is based on Linux Kernel so it's 100% possible to run python.

There are plenty of ways to run python Programs in Android, we'll discuss few of them here. So let's start our journey.

#1 QPython

When it comes to run Python Programs, Scripts on Android, first name came to my mind is QPython developed by QPythonLab

QPython Screenshot - Python For Android

It has so much features that you'll love it. It has Terminal emulator , Python REPL , Powerful Editor, Many python libraries, Run scripts via QR code , PIP , courses and much more.

But it's drawback is when You install it first from Play Store it comes with Python 2 , you've to install Python3 plugin to use Python 3.

Visit Official Website :

Download App From : Play Store

#2 PyDroid 3

PyDroid is less known python IDE for Android and is also My Favourite . I like it because of it's simplicity , extra features that QPython fails to provide. With PyDroid you can even create GUIs, games and much more. PyDroid is developed by IIEC

PyDroid 3 - Screenshot

It's specially designed for educational purposes. Most of popular Machine Learning and Data Science python libraries are available, making it ideal for testing and experimenting On-The-Go

Try It Yourself , You'll Love it.

Download From : Play Store

Next Item is Just For You, If You're a Tech-savvy

#3 Termux

As The name suggests it's a terminal emulator for Android so as usual you can use it's package manager pkg or apt to install python.

Vim Running On Termux

Unless You're a Experiment Lover, Love to try to new things or a Tech Geek

Install Termux from : Play Store

To Install Python 3 on Termux type this in Termux :

pkg install python

To Install Python 2 on Termux type this in Termux :

pkg install python2

To Edit Python Scripts you can use GUI editors like QuickEdit or you can use terminal based powerful editor VIM

To Install VIM on Termux type this in Termux :

apt install vim

Visit Their Official Website :

So That's It For Now, There're other IDEs and Methods available , but I mentioned only 3 which were capable of running programs offline and were tried by myself

I recommend trying all three and deciding which one you like most.

Thanks For Reading, Let Me Know Your Thoughts in The comments bellow 👇

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