We Might Face The Crisis of Creative People in Next Few Years as our young generation is stuck in Just Googling Things

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Teenagers are addicted to Social Networks, Grownups are addicted to money but as a result we are loosing creativity. In near future human civilization might face shortage of creative people.

We have much more friends on Facebook but no real friends. Our teenagers (even some kids under 13) are busy with their smartphone.
If you go to playgrounds or parks you'll merely see a teenager who's not looking into their smartphone screen.

Kids nowadays don't goto playgrounds at afternoon. Usually they spend the time doing the homework or playing games.

So Is It the bitter truth that we might face shortage of Creativity?

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If you go to playgrounds or parks you'll merely see a teenager who's not looking into their smartphone screen.

Before there were commonly available smartphones, children watched TV all day long. It is safe to assume that there always has been that one thing that supposedly made teenagers "less creative". The predecessor of watching TV was reading books... :-)

The smartphone will, at least, offer creative abilities, e.g. for writing stuff or even publish videos/podcasts. The only thing that has become worse is the abudance of "emojis", gradually replacing actual words. - Have you noticed that you can't "like" an article on DEV, you can only "heart emoji" it?


If they are using their smartphone for good purpose it wouldn't be a problem such as reading some articles, reading some books, watching some good educational YouTube video, but they actually spent their day scrolling newsfeed, laughing at Memes etc. That's what make them less Creative


Does reading a book make you more creative?

According To Some Studies , Reading books is good for our brain but nowadays teenagers don't read story books , adventure books or some educational books instead They Scroll The News Feed of Facebook


This seems to be a perpetual concern of each generation. Before smartphones, the waltz, horse-riding, radio, books, equality and comic books were all the fatal blow to the future, yet somehow we're still here. :)

Here's a good list of similar (attributed) quotes from days long gone:

And here's another one:

Let's do what we can to prove them all wrong.


Let's do what we can to prove them all wrong

Well said ❤


I'd argue that friends that you have met online are still friends. Being on a platform like twitter, or dev.to :p exposes you to more people and more opinions.

Also, gen X and gen Y (those more receptive to social media) read more than ever before. Lest not forget that scrolling through twitter still means that you are reading, there are just pictures next to the lines of text.

YMMV but kids are increasingly being given the opportunity to be creative that they previously wouldn't because "non creative" jobs were the only way you could make money. Advertising/media agencies/departments are constantly competing for your attention and finding more and more creative ways of doing so.


Yeah I had a discussion with a guy who was introducing tabletop role playing games to Japanese adults, and seeing if that increased their creativity. I asked him, "How do you plan on measuring creativity?" to which he admitted it was a subjective measurement.


This is what folks like to call Juvenoia. It is the feeling all generations feel towards the teens and their addiction with New technology like books, magazine, TV and now internet. And the truth is they turn out to be just fine.

If you are interested in this whole idea, I strongly suggest watching Vsauce’s video on Juvenoia

Trust me you will love this video!

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