What Are Some Open Source projects Which Were Useful but now no longer maintained?

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There were some awesome projects Developed in last few years but some them which were very Useful now left unmaintained by Developers.

One Of Them is Hyde Static Site Generator , Evil twin of Jekyll

Do You Know Such Projects?
Who Knows, Some Awesome Developers might find it interesting and start a new chapter of it!

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SimplecartJS by wojodesign

You could set up a javascript webshop for your website without a database in the background and you had different checkout methods like PayPal and so on! I really liked it and would love to see a new version of it!


bootstrap_for_pub a Dart implementation of the bootstrap library for use within web applications written in Dart

I should note, the owner is looking for someone to help maintain it. I just have too much going on for myself.


Bower bower.io the frontend package manager. The maintainers recommend yarn or NPM, and webpack or Parcel.


CasperJS for headless browser automation using JavaScript and PhantomJS. Headless chrome has laid this wonderful piece of work to rest.

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