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Palash Bauri ๐Ÿ‘ป
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Why I Joined Community And You Should Too

I knew about for a long time , even I read some articles there but I didn't Signup there. I was not at all convinced to join till 16th August.


On 16th August morning , I was looking into GitHub Trending projects, and on the top I found this. became Open Source! Open Source is like a loved word to me, I immediately went straight to and signed up.

I started surfing through lots of articles, I liked them so much. Then I posted some of my articles from Adventure of Palash there and surprisingly I got very good responses even daily traffic on Adventure of Palash got boosted.

And You won't believe within few days I crossed 200+ followers and now heading to 300.

One thing I liked most is the friendly folks. People on are very friendly.

Within few days , I started using very much , it is like a kind of home to me. It is like Facebook for Developers

I even learnt (and still learning) lots of thing from there , such as mistakes I make while writing articles for my blog and about some new technologies, new concepts, new programming languages and much morr.

If I talk about the User Interface, it's fabulous simple but powerful. Easy use and free from bloating unwanted widgets. I like it very much!

Another good thing is you don't need to install a bloated mobile app to use it properly on Android or iOS devices, it is quite simple to add it's PWA to home screen without needing to install something.

From the first day , I read new new articles every day and learn something new everytime.

You can see it's on the third position on my frequently used apps.

my frequently used apps

One Thing I mentioned Earlier, open source and its Source Code is available on GitHub. If you found something wrong , you can create issue there. If you want a feature very badly, you can let the Developers know via a issue. You can also contribute to the codebase to make it better.


If you are a Developer ar thinking of being a Developer, you should definitely join dev to now.
Visit and Signup now.

I believe , you'll surely like it

Hey Guys I have a kind request, please follow me on twitter @bauripalash , I feel very lonely there ๐Ÿ˜ข

That's it for now friends , see you next time. Till then let me know your thoughts, suggestions and questions in the comments below ๐Ÿ‘‡

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Babafemi Sorinolu

I came across this post and after reading it I started surfing the articles

This is the social media platform I love to be in.

Where I have got people of like minds.

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Jean-Michel Plourde

I am here because of that same article, but I joined a bit later. I have no regrets and planning on writing some posts in the near future