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A little tip on making your deployment less tedious

Deployment can be a pretty time consuming and tedious task when your website is under development. To properly deploy, you have to run a number of commands to deploy your code and test it.
To overcome this, I recently created a bash script mentioning all the required commands.

# mention full paths for all the commands to be on the safe side
cd /root/staging;git pull;cd /root/staging/frontend;npm run build;
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These commands will run one after another and will give full feedback just like when you run individual can cancel anytime by pressing CTRL/CMD+c

Running the deployment script.

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JoelBonetR 🥇

Sorry, I may be out of context but where it's intended for?

I simply perform an easy ci.yml to automate deploys and that's all (and works for development, test and production).

I'm assuming your script are executed on the server "as is", isn't it?