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Bayu Angora
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How I Got Web Design Awards In Early 2020

In the middle 2019, I submitted my website to Web Design Awards. Few days ago, I got an email from Web Design Team. The message is about announcement that in early 2020, my website will be displayed as a winner.

Bayu Angora Awards

I know there are so many great websites submitted every years. But I feel optimist that my website is qualified enough to displayed on Web Design Awards, at least as a nominee. Because Web Design Awards is not only about aesthetic, but also about speed and user friendliness too.

Web Design Awards

My website is very fast and simple. Load page is about your blink eyes. Very secure and responsive. No bloated script, no animation, no heavy images. I only use simple CSS with minimal JS for darkmode button. I got perfect score on Lighthouse and Validator. Also I got A+ grade on Security and Observatory.

Bayu Angora Website

My principal for my website is keep it simple. User friendly on every devices is a must. Avoid every bloated things that you don't need. And prioritize function rather than redundant decoration.

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