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Windows, I never missed you.

Thank you to Josh Beam for a very easy to do method of making a Windows10 bootable usb drive.

It'd been almost a decade since I've used Windows in any real way (aside from a steam gaming PC, which is still windows 7). I was asked recently to fix a HP Stream pc, that'd been completely demolished with malware. I had to wipe the whole thing, and start over. I downloaded a new windows10 image, and found I couldn't write it to a usb drive. I didn't have any DVDr anymore, because... WHY?! .. Apple says "use bootcamp assistant to create an image" only.. On High Sierra Bootcamp assistant will only write to the local hard drive. I couldn't get my Kali vm to image the ISO file either.

Turns out it's ridiculously simple, format the usb drive as something horrifically windows, then literally copy the files with /bin/cp to the drive. BOOM usb bootable drive.

Thank you Josh.

cover photo by Ines Álvarez Fdez on Unsplash

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Anton Istomin • Edited

One thing I love most about Linux is how easy everything gets after you learn only a little bit. Quitting using Ubuntu app center after learning to apt-get feels only so natural: you can see how it's less cumbersome and more quick.

I couldn't even bring myself to use my file manager's search option after a couple of find . -names.

Of course, Linux isn't all about command line, it's just that command line augments using Linux in a much richer way than it does for Windows. It makes you feel like a hacker, in a good way.

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Doruk Kutlu

I'm afraid github will turn into something as boring and inefficient as this because "it's backwards compatible".

I'm guessing they will turn it into a giant ftp server because "Jane from accounting was bored and opened a ticket".