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OSD700: Maintaining Telescope

Thi semester I got a privileged to be one of the maintainer of the Telescope

I'm back

This course in my point of view is like a cool job. "Cool job" in my term paid you for what you love to do and this class marked your work base on what you willing to do and learn. This course get as hard as you willing to push yourself.

My goal for the project

Make the entire app easier for new people to setup, debug, and develop. There's too much secret knowledge and too many manual steps right now.

I would love to work on this part where I want to shred more light and hope to make Telescope easier to navigate

I try to learn React eveyrday as my 2020 goal. Because of that I want to contribute more in the front end of the project. I also have a long story with being a mobile developer. I used to work for a tiny startup and create their app myself using java. I know it is not the same but I'm exciting to start it as we go.

But I want to learn as much as I can, either about cloud, backend as I want to have a decent knowledge to make it to the workforce :)

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