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Week 4: Starting with React Native

PR got merged !

My PR merged to master. Yay !. Look back on the changed that I made,I'm adding 4 lines of code but learning ton of things.First I kind of getting used to using pnpm when I have toinstall and remove packages for testing. I also learn why and how we gonna pin our dependency so as we have a stable deployment of the app everytime, follow my understanding and researching if the package or the project unless they have a security hole that need to be fixed otherwise we want to pin them to have a stable version everytime we deploy our application. Also since I kept installing dependencies and removing and rebasing with the upstream/master. My pnpm-lock.yml file ask me to resolve some of the conflict and after reading and searching in the docs I come through this link as the solution where I just need to delete the pnpm-lock.yaml and reinstall all the dependencies again.

Like I said in week 3 post, I was ask to write a test which I did not feel comfortable since I have less than 3 times writting test ever since. But it quite enjoytable to be honest. I already got the basic concept of jest and have to work on it before so I did not have a hard time refreshing how to implement the test

Get the react native ball rolling

We have some basci UI and the splash screen running for the react native app. For my next goal will be having all the post loaded on the app. I have been doing bit of research and wonder if we gonna use the parser service which is in construction or the react-native-rss-parser

Here is my work for this week

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