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Is your app understood in this globalized world?

One of the difficulties that an application developer can get is the scope that his app may have at different programming languages for its users. This means that, for example, an user in Italy can have the same value for the developer as a user in Brazil. Only, if the programmer does not contemplate within his code to have in addition to the Italian version, also a Portuguese version, he can possibly limit his application to an area inhabited only by Italian-speaking users. In the past, you had to code two (2) versions of your app, a version in Italian and a version in Portuguese.

Imagine being able to have more languages ​​in your app to broaden your horizon of users?

A tool called Localazy ( was developed by a Czech group, led by Vaclav Hodek, which offers the translation platform for productive developers, where you save up to 50% of translation costs thanks to "shared translation memory" (ShareTM), implementing in your application more than 80+ languages ​​for free. Their motto is "We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy mobile applications in their native language."

ShareTM is what makes Localazy unique and different from other translation platforms?

Yes, ShareTM works on two levels, and the first is "assisted translation memory", which helps developers while translating their mobile application. It speeds up the process and provides context related to mobile applications, allowing developers to know the most common translations and how many applications use them.

The second is the "proactive translation memory" mode. The basic idea of ​​this mode is simple: when a translation is approved, it is sent to ShareTM and distributed to all other applications that use Localazy. That is, when a new paragraph or sentence is added to Localazy, ShareTM searches its database for all possible translations that an application can provide.

What do you think of what ShareTM does?

You activate your application and in several minutes you can see how Localazy automatically converted it into up to 80+ languages. Depending on the paragraphs and texts that your application contains, the translation can be advanced by 50%, more than half of your application in a single instant.

And what is inTM?

As your application grows larger, soon the number of phrases inevitably grows and you may not keep all of them in your mind, and you may incur in adding the same phrases multiple times.

For this reason, there is a translation memory in all translation platforms called inTM, which serves as an additional source of information for translators. However, when using Professional Translation Services, some of them when they use these platforms, they charge you again for the translation. That's not fair, right?

InTM in Localazy behaves differently. It is a proactive translation memory that scans your application and searches for the same phrases in the source language without translations in other languages. If a translation that could be completed from another source is missing, it is offered through exclusive review. When the texts are already translated in your application, Localazy automatically searches for the same untranslated texts and translates them for you.

Finally, what do developers want?

Spend time on your code and improve your application. Do what you really like and forget about translations. Localazy is here to help you, broadening your horizons and allowing your apps to reach everywhere and all corners of the planet, regardless of language limitations in a globalized world.

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