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re: What an awesome idea for a thread! I've definitely gone though a lot of iterations on my portfolio. The latest version is available here: joshuapu...

Rocket Spelling rocks. Full-stop.

Design reminds me of everything I've heard/read about marrying the tone/typography/design to the actual content.

The animations are killer. Looks like you've been painstaking in your work on it.

Very nice work.



The site itself is very understated by comparison to what it links to.

I might, if I were you, consider again, perhaps the black bar at the top.

There isn't one at the bottom and so it distracted me a slight bit as though it might have some functionality--That is, I found myself scrolling up as far as possible because I thought I hadn't revealed the menu, or something.

This might be avoided if you have, say, a similar black bar position: fixed (?) at the bottom... In this way you might achieve symmetry.

-oh! it's just me, but I'd but some kind of fancy schmancy affordance for your blog link at the bottom.

--It certainly doesn't detract from the design, tho. Very nice!~

favicon is adorable.


Glad you like the look of Rocket Spelling! I definitely put a lot of time (and iterations) into it.

Interesting to hear your feedback on the black bar. I'll keep looking for an option to satisfy everyone (definitely getting mixed feedback so far).

Thanks for the thorough response!

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