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Bek Brace
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MongoDB Crash Course 2021 - DataGrip

This is my latest crash course on Bek Brace.
In this course, you will get the fundamentals of MongoDB, how to create an account, to setup the Shell and the Compass; you will also have a comparison between RDBMS and mongoDB, giant customers of, stack overflow survey 2020 and more

We will work on both the mongoDB shell and DataGrip 💾.
You will know about the basic queries and commands in mongoDB 🍃 such as how to create database, tables, insert, find, update, delete document or drop a database and much more ..
I will also show you how to run your database on MongoDB Atlas, by creating a free cluster on a Cloud based server

Link to Download DataGrip 💾

Link to download cheat sheet 🧻

Differences between SQL and NOSQL 💼

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Andre Gallegos Quenaya

I was searching a video like this because I love the Jetbrains Products. Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I´m your new follower. :D

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Bek Brace

Thank you, Andre, I'm also a fan of the JetBrains products - Glad you found it useful :)