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Basic Auto Dubbing

In this project, I developed an application that makes automatic dubbing dusing python. Although it is not a high-level application, you can successfully get the results you want if you extract the sounds and listen to the application.

First of all, go to this link and clone the project to your computer.

You can do it like this (you need git installed on your computer)

$ git clone
$ cd basic-auto-dubbing

Let's set the requirements

Let's install the translate package

$ pyton3.10 -m pip install translate

In the gtts package

$ pyton3.10 -m pip install gtts

In the SpeechRecognition package

$ pyton3.10 -m pip install SpeechRecognition

Run the application

Now all that remains is to run our application.

In the SpeechRecognition package

$ pyton3.10

From now on, all you have to do is set the language you want to translate from which language in the file (you can find the language codes on the internet) and start speaking the language clearly from whichever language you chose to translate from. The application will not delete your audio files. You can then use them.

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