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Web Development Projects Projects to Practice Your Web Development Skills

The best way to push yourself forward or practice the skills you have learned is to find a web development project. And the whole point of choosing a project is to pick something that challenges your current skill level.

Here are some of the essential skills that every web developer needs to possess:

  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress
  • Analytical Skills
  • SEO
  • Responsive Design

In this article, let’s take a look at some of the best projects to help you practice your web development skills and build your portfolio.

1. JavaScript Login Authentication Project for Beginners

JavaScript Login Authentication
Image Source

Having JavaScript skills can help you build a website’s login authentication bar, where you enter your email/username and password to log in to the site. It is great to master this JavaScript project for beginners, as every website has a login authentication feature.

2. Build a Product Landing Page

Product Landing Page
Image Source

This project will require a solid knowledge of both HTML and CSS. You will be creating columns and aligning items within the columns; doing basic editing of images such as cropping and resizing to create perfect-sized product images for your web page.

3. JavaScript Quiz Project

Quiz Project
Image Source

Everyone wants to quiz their brains sometimes. Whether it is a quiz determining which career path is best suited for the participants or testing the participant’s knowledge on a current topic, quizzes are both fun and useful.

For instance, you can create that asks 4 multiple-choice questions. While working on this project, you will learn plenty about data management and creating a scoring system in programming.

4. Work On a Technical Documentation Page

Technical Documentation Page
Image Source

This project will demand some knowledge of HTML CSS and bootstrap or JavaScript.

In this type of page, when you click on a topic on the left, it loads that content on the right.

5. Build a Survey Form

Survey Form
Image Source

If you are skilled in HTML/html5, you can build a survey form. Forms are great for collecting data online. This Project will mainly test your skills on all

kinds of inputs apart from your knowledge of forms and structuring your webpage.

6. Build a Tribute Page

Tribute Page
Image Source

You can write a tribute to someone you admire and publish as a web page. In this project, you will be working with adding images, links, lists, and paragraphs.

You will have to possess knowledge of HTML to create a tribute page. You can apply your CSS skills to make the project look more aesthetically appealing.

7. Build a To-Do List using JavaScript

To-do list
Image Source

JavaScript is especially useful for interactive coding lists that allow users to add, remove, and group items. It is something you can’t do using only HTML and CSS. Go on and build a To-Do list with the skills with the JavaScript skills you

8. Build a Page Home Page
Image Source

Try replicating a page with icons, Google’s logo, a text box, and two buttons and see whether you can make the perfect clone.

Note that in this project, you are making a lookalike and not a page that function like For this, you will have to be skilled in both HTML and CSS.

9. Build an SEO-Friendly Web

Apart from possessing the skills to build a professional, brand-centric website design, it’s critical to make sure the site design you build is SEO-friendly.

Many website owners invest in SEO experts to improve a website’s visibility and rank in search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can take up one of the projects.

In this project, you will be creating user-friendly URLs, integrating responsive design so that the site can easily be viewed on a desktop or mobile device, and integrating the brand’s social media presence into the page.

10. Put Your Own Twist to an Icon Set

Icon design
Image Source

While ubiquitous and easy to overlook, icon sets are a backbone of web design. Having the ability to design them will be a great addition to your portfolio. It can define your aesthetic and help people remember you and your work when examining portfolios.

11. Create Sliding JavaScript Drawers

The JavaScript github project (Pushbar.js) is a JavaScript plugin with which you can add “sliding drawer” menus. These are menus you can pull onscreen from the top, bottom, and/or left and right of an app to their website or app. You can have a look at the code and try to come up with something similar.

12. Build a JavaScript Drawing

Take inspiration from JavaScript project like Narayana’s Infinite Rainbow on CodePen and consider drawing something similar. You can use JavaScript as a drawing tool, bringing HTML and CSS elements to life on a web browser screen.

The skill to make static pages look more appealing with graphical elements is a crucial part of web development. Learn how to make the most out of JavaScript’s drawing capabilities.

13. Search Result Page

Google Search Result Page
Image Source

Try creating a page with the format of a Google search result. The page should show at least 10 search results on average and have the navigation to the next pages at the bottom. The functionality should not necessarily be a concern in the beginning.

14. Create a Personal Portfolio Webpage

You will be using your HTML and CSS skills, and you will also need to know how to crop and resize images. Consider using free, open sources like Gimp if you don’t have any other option. It is available on Windows and Linux.

After learning everything you need to learn about your tech skills, it can still be tough to think of project ideas.

The projects mentioned above can help you practice your different web development skills while pushing you forward and assisting you in building portfolios. The more you practice, the better your skills will become. So work on as many projects as it takes to master your skills.

Also, remember to pick a project that challenges your skill. It will help you learn more and acquire new skills, ultimately widening your career scope.

Furthermore, if you build additional skills, including data science, machine learning, IoT, etc., you can work on even more advanced web projects. So, hone your technical skills and take on as many web projects as you want!

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Great addition on the projects list ideas.

However, some of your content is copied word for word from another article. If you want to do that respectfully, give credits to the author or rewrite the words so that they are not exactly the same.

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thanks for these suggestions i will try to make all of them soon

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I have written a great post about projects you can work on to develop your programming skills. Here is the post:

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