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How to set right learning goals for the upcoming year?

Hello everyone, this is my first post here, so hopefully, I won't break any rule.
I'm a frontend developer mostly focused on js and learning react.
I have 2 and a half years of working experience as a frontend developer. I love to learn but because I can't afford a mentor I need to be self-taught. So it's time to set proper goals for next year.
I know: ES6 features, but I don't know stuff like promises, generators iterators, decorators, weakmap, weakset. Simply because I never had a need to use them.
Http clients like axios and browsers fetch API.
Used libraries like visjs, momentjs.
Browser storage: localStorage, sessionStorage.
React: I know to create a simple project with crud operations, to connect with API and list items, to create routes. The only thing it's not crystal clear to me is new component update lifecycle methods.
React I don't know: is to properly plan project and to decide how I will organize where should a state be. I'll manage to do it it will work but it will be messy. Reason for this is I'm only working in React in my free time (for a year now) and I don't have someone more experienced to do me a code review.
I' have experience with working with basic authentication in react to maintain authenticated state over the app.
So this is a list just from the top of my head, but it gives a picture about what I think I know :)
So my goals (for now):
1) Read a book from Dr. Alex Rauschmayer exploring es6
2) React hooks (Still didn't touch it)
3) Algorithms and data structures in javascript.
4) Graphql (don't need it but it looks really interesting)
So my question is can anyone give any tip what is next I should learn? New language maybe like TypeScript (even there is no need for me to know it at current position) to give myself some intimidating project I'll work over the next year maybe? Focus more on javascript? But Ill appreciate every suggestion.

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