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100 days of writing about code

'Tis the season to take on personal challenges. Reading about the #100DaysOfCode challenge has me feeling the spirit. That challenge a simple personal goal to sit down and code about 100 days in a row. It is a wonderful undertaking for new coders, who need to soak up experience and may be feeling other things in life tugging at their motivation.

For slightly more experienced programmers, perhaps coding a lot already for work, this may not be what we need. Personally, the eat, sleep, code, repeat mentality is not going to do a lot of good for my psychological well-being. However, in the spirit of the 100 days of code challenge, I am going to take on the 100 days of writing about code challenge.


A lot of folks mentioned blogging and becoming more involved in the community as a goal of theirs for 2017, and I have similar ambitions. I would like to achieve a rhythm where I am capable of publishing my thoughts on code with more regularity. I often succumb to the paralysis of wondering whether an idea is worth sharing.

So I am just going to do it. (Almost) every day starting January 3rd, I am going to write something about code, even if it's short and useless. I have lots I am doing, and lots to contribute. I feel great sharing my thoughts and learn so much from the feedback every time I do. I really enjoy writing about web performance, and I think I have a lot to offer in that regard. I will also write about new languages and tools I try out, as well as wholly new endeavors, like game development, which I plan to dabble in on the side this year.

I am going to publish it all to my feed and make it about the exercise of doing. I will share it all on my personal Twitter, @bendhalpern. A few decent pieces might be quality enough to show up on the home page and even fewer will make it to @ThePracticalDev.

I will adopt the #100daysofcode tag on this site as well as on Twitter, but my personal challenge is about the writing part. If you are reading this and feeling the same way as I am, I encourage you to take part! You are more than welcome to publish to along with me. That will make it easiest for me to keep up with your efforts and cheer you on, but you are more than welcome to publish to your own blog (or both!) and I will try to keep up if you let me know.

See you in 2017! โœŠ

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