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(Probably) coming soon to Interactive code snippets.

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

I'm currently working on adding some neat REPL support to posts on that want to make use of it. It's based on the suggestion from the maintainer of Klipse. I took some time to think this over and I like the idea, but I need to get my hands dirty before I can say for sure that this will go in.


Implementation doesn't seem super difficult, I just need to try it out performance-wise and also make sure we do it in a way that maintains compatibility with other markdown features. So far, everything looks good on those fronts.



The code to run the REPLs will only be present on pages that make use of the behavior, so the weight of the library won't affect any other posts. Assuming this makes it into the production app, it should be a nice tool for anyone who wants to make use of it in their posts. Existing users of the plugin seem quite happy with it. If you have any other feature ideas, you can always create an issue in the repo or get in touch with me by other means.

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