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Ben Halpern
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2018 in Review

As 2018 comes to a close I definitely plan on writing a few posts about what went down this year in software. It's amazing how much can happen in one year.

I've made the tag #yearinreview if anyone wants to join me in looking back on the progress of your specific language/environment/community and/or sharing some of your favorite posts from the year.

Our team will definitely be sharing many posts from this tag across social media as the year comes to a close. Don't feel like any one post needs to be a perfect universal summary of what happened.

Happy coding ❤️

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I've made the tag #yearinreview if anyone wants to join me

@ben No disrespect intended, but it looks like @seankilleen beat you by about 11 months. And @flexdinesh got started on the 2018 Year in Review a day earlier.

I greatly appreciate and your role in sharing and provoking good conversations. I'm looking to write up my own reflection by New Years.

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Ben Halpern