re: What bad habit do you have because you learned an approach *before* a better idea came along? VIEW POST


For me it's pretty much everything CSS. Learning all the ways to use float, position:absolute, to make stuff happen really stuck with me way too long after better things came along.

I'll also say that I had the same problem with sticking to table alignments well after they'd been replaced by better modern ideas.

Just in the past few months have I started shedding some old bad habits as I'm adopting the Crayons design system that @pp and @lisasy are implementing for DEV.


I've been here, things like using pixel values, not using a mobile first approach. The worst habit of mine is I just start implementing stuff without investing much in why am I doing this or what could make it better, or just searching better practices before trying to implement it


I was about to write something very similar, so I'll just leave it as an expanding comment.

I think that learning how to properly build an entire layout with float had such complexity and sense of wizardry, that it became super hard to let go. I still find myself thinking about how to do it with float and clear elements, even when we have flex and grid at our service.

Old habits, that took a ton to grasp, die hard.


So, you just write 'crayon' on every element? ; )


I have the opposite experience. I know a lot of people that stick flex in absolutely everything and forget the basics like margin: 0 auto;. Absolute positioning and float solve some problems very neatly.

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