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Thanks so much for doing this, Scott.

When I met you, you recommended to me the great talk by @anjuan Lending Privilege and I wrote about it here.

What's the next talk you'd recommend?

P.S. if you have a YouTube link for the talk, you can drop it in via this syntax: {% youtube 9z-Pdfxxdyo %} 😁

Thanks again.


I'd say Anjana Vakil's Learning Functional Programming with Javascript


Thanks a lot. This will be timely to share with the team too.


Thanks for recommending me to @ben , Scott! I don't think I can run out of great things to say about you. You're a great friend and a treasure to the tech community. Thanks for everything you do!


That's the great thing about Lending Privilege, my friend. It can be circular and self-sustaining!

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