re: How many people on here cross post on medium and their own blog? VIEW POST


To add some color from our end to this discussion:

  • It's great to x-post from Medium if you're used to publishing there and don't want to add too much burden to your workflow
  • It's great to x-post from your own site to establish a canonical source for your own work. For some this is definitely important and we want to support this.
  • has some native functionality that you'd only get here, largely expressed as "liquid tags" in the markdown. But we'll always be compatible with most RSS feeds.
  • As we keep growing, "best practices" in this regard might change, but we really care about backward compatibility, so expect us to be driven to not sweep the rug from under you.
  • For those not aware, go here for x-posting automagically

Thanks for the tip on the rss driven auto x-posting. That could be useful.

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