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To add some color from our end to this discussion:

  • It's great to x-post from Medium if you're used to publishing there and don't want to add too much burden to your workflow
  • It's great to x-post from your own site to establish a canonical source for your own work. For some this is definitely important and we want to support this.
  • dev.to has some native functionality that you'd only get here, largely expressed as "liquid tags" in the markdown. But we'll always be compatible with most RSS feeds.
  • As we keep growing, "best practices" in this regard might change, but we really care about backward compatibility, so expect us to be driven to not sweep the rug from under you.
  • For those not aware, go here for x-posting automagically dev.to/settings/publishing-from-rss

Thanks for the tip on the rss driven auto x-posting. That could be useful.


I publish to my own blog. I've got a general distrust for medium and I'm not sure what that site is supposed to be anymore. Dev.to is literally my target audience.


I used to cross-pollinate from my blog to Medium, but they've changed so much that I no longer even bother.


I used to be such a big fan of medium. Thought of getting rid of all the blogs I had in favor of using Medium. I'm really glad I didn't!

It's funny. Way back when, I wanted my WP blog to look like Medium. I couldn't find one close enough, so I wrote my own. Now, I'm on v2 of my theme's rewrite, which of course looks nothing like Medium.


I do sometimes cross-post from Medium. Usually the flow is: post to Medium and publish it via Twitter, Facebook, and forums, post the link to Reddit the next day, and cross-post here on dev.to for extended reach (ThePracticalDev's Twitter account is a great distribution channel too which you get for free!).

Both Medium and dev.to releases me from the burden of (re)designing my blog, so I can focus on writing instead. I am currently in a dilemma of not wanting dev.to to provide customization options, but there are some tiny parts of the design elements that are not to my liking... but I think I can get over it. Still thinking of permanently making the move to dev.to as the main channel but currently still not, uh, courageous, enough :D


I am not using Medium but I am publishing my blog at two places my own site and dev.to. I have my calendar is in place to schedule my post. I will first add a post on my blog and share this on my twitter and LinkedIn. After 1 day, I will share it on Reddit. I will get most of my traffic from Reddit. After 2 or 3 days I will re-publish it on dev.to. I will add all these things to my calendar at a time of publishing a new post

You can refer this post to know more : How To Plan A Blog Schedule That Will Crush Your Goals


I publish on my own site, here, and some articles on Medium and CodeMentor.

My own site is most important since it helps build my brand. It took a long time to gain any sort of traffic though. The canonical_url feature of dev.to made it easy to cross-post here.

I don't post everything to Medium since it has poor source code support. I only import articles with little to no code.

I also cross-post a bit from Quora to here, but only for extended answers, or ones involving extended thought.

I used to cross-post to CodeProject, but their import tool broke at some point.


I just publish my articles on my Medium blog. They all get automagically published on Dev.to as well, through the RSS feed you can enable in your account settings. It's an awesome feature. I've been using it since it was in Beta. Have been loving it ever since. It cuts the cross-post time down immensely.


Never, I only publish my developer related stuff on Dev.to right now. It seems to get noticed by the people I want it to. When I have published on Medium I felt it harder to reach my target audience. With that said I have not really gave medium a good try and have only published on the Angular Blog. Actually I don't cross post at all. If anything I write an article on my own site: blogs.telerik and post a similar yet different article here that links to the articles on my (my companies) blog.


I'm about to wire up some of my self-hosted posts to cross-post here and was glad to find this discussion.

My intention is to cross-post here from my self-hosted blog, as my writing is increasingly more web generic and less specific to a proprietary app dev stack that I wrote about more when I started blogging. Reaching more of an audience is my goal.


I don't but that's because I didn't really have a blog before starting on here and just link my profile on my site to here, but it seems a lot of the more established writers do as dev.to makes it pretty easy to integrate with other services.


🙋, although i always forgot to mention, already publish on medium.


me too. I do like the discussion and smaller community on here though. I feel like I know some people by first name.


I post primarily to my own blog and then republish here if it's development-related.


I'm thinking to cross post with Medium but personally i think dev.to is targeting programmer alike so if the article that i want to publish is too technical for Medium i will definitely use dev.to


I'm publishing on my Medium and x-posting to Dev.to

Once I make my website a little more robust (it's just HTML right now), I'll be moving my blog posts there.

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