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  • It should load quickly. Render static from a CDN.
  • It should get to the point. Describe your skills and interests.
  • It should link to things you’ve written.
  • It should link to your profiles: GitHub, DEV, etc.
  • It shouldn’t be overly fancy, or generic. Make it unique but understated if possible. Going to flashy can really be a bad idea in web design.
  • It probably shouldn’t look like this

lool, it should definitely not look like that😄


That’s a matter of having not updated this in years. I’ll get that updated soon, I swear!


The site is amazing and I added it to my favorite sites list


HHAHAAHAH I was actually going to comment "nothing like Ben's, unless you're Ben" :D


I just got a call from 1990; they want their website back...


okay. One of the characters uses a similar line. I thought perhaps you were referencing the show


Plot twist: your website was actually an example of what not to do all along.


The fact that that website plays music when you scroll is the greatest and yet most terrible thing ever.

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