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Nice post. I'm conflicted about the title you chose as the best way to get the point across but you shouldn't change it now. 🙂

Of course, I wrote something recently addressing Medium's place in the world:

I'm not crazy about "piling on", but in the case of Medium, a massive VC-funded company founded by an already rich, accomplished tech guy it's definitely a case of "punching up".

I recently also posted my problems with how FreeCodeCamp handled the situation, but that didn't put Medium in the right. They were sort of both in the wrong and the relationship was bound to end poorly based on how each party chose to seek the right outcome.

Anyway, I think the real trouble of all this is that we shouldn't have to work so hard ourselves to be treated properly on these platforms. We're really trying to make our tooling such that data import, export, canonical URLs, etc. is streamlined so it's not a burden to make sure you're covering your bases and getting a fair deal.


I generally just think Medium has gotten arrogant about their position and no longer feels the need to serve the community. To me that is the biggest mistake they have made. Every criticism I put in my post is fixable, but I think their problem lies in culture and mentality and not just in process.

Thanks for taking the time to read it, I really appreciate it.

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