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Important style modifications and added tags to articles

This is my first post in a Devlog. I will keep these up as long as I find it valuable. It's more of a personal exercise. I will not share these to @ThePracticalDev unless any seems particularly interesting. I make this website and also Argo. I will write logs for each, but the work done on this website is more loggable, as the implementation is more straightforward.


We made the cover image on posts shorter so that more of the article could be seen right away. The cover image is optional but even when it is there, it doesn't need to be so prevalent. Editorially we feel the cover image belongs best on the more impassioned posts, and more instructional posts should go without the cover image. The articles displayed on the home page and profile pages were changed as well. I already see some possible tweaks that need to happen, but I'm happy with this direction.

Also new is the tags variable on articles. You may include up to three tags. These will be used for collecting and navigating posts, as tags usually are. The editor on this site accepts markdown and is designed to be compatible with Jekyll, so the default now looks like this:

published: false
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Going forward

I focused mostly on performance and broader architectural vision at first. That stuff still matters, but I think we will be turning our heads to design and UX a bit more than we have thus far.

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