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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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Jan 15: DEV Daily Discovery

Hey folks!

This is the second post in this daily series. I already missed a day, but still intend to publish this post every day!!

Please make a comment to this thread with a DEV post that you think deserves to be read more broadly. If it's your own post that's fine.

It could be recent, or it could be classic.

And then read through the thread and ❤️ posts where you like. I'm hoping that the wisdom of the crowds can help unearth some great content every day.

The feed already works this way, but I think this could be a fun way to complement the feed for a different kind of discovery.

Use the post's link liquid tag to display it fully, i.e.:

{% link %}
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And feel free to add why you want to want to give it more love.

Don't worry about whether you've picked the best post, let the readers decide if it should rise to the top.

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Ben Halpern

My post for the day is the same thing that distracted me from posting this thread yesterday... The announcement of a complementary Forem to DEV:

This new space will let us go deeper in site-wide initiatives that are especially for newbies. It's a second feed to complement what you might get from DEV, and part of a commitment to an Internet where we don't suck all content into one big shared namespace.

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David Taitingfong

I'll go with a 2018 classic:

The title says it all. I feel like a lot of people have joined post-Oct 2018, so they might've missed this one.

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Bobby Iliev

My post of the day is my post regarding my open-source eBook on how to get started with Bash Scripting 🙌 I really hope that it helps people learn more about Bash Scripting!

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Petros Koulianos

Hi Ben,
I wrote a blog today with 3 password REGEX and we have very interesting replies from the community with deep knowledge at the security field so i think we can learn something.

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Sandor Dargo
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leob • Edited

I want to submit this one - React Query is a great way to tackle a problem which occurs in virtually very React app and which has everyone writing lots of boiler plate while endlessly reinventing the wheel - React Query solves this problem in a simple and elegant way:

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If you are on the edge about trying out vim or want to know what's all the fuss about this text editor:

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Hardik Chopra
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Forest Hoffman
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Vaibhav Khulbe
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Adi Polak

Highlights of 3 open sources packages to know for people who work with Apache Spark: