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Jan 18: DEV Daily Discovery

Please make a comment to this thread with a DEV post that you think deserves to be read more broadly. If it's your own post that's fine.

It could be recent, or it could be classic.

And then read through the thread and ❀️ posts where you like. I'm hoping that the wisdom of the crowds can help unearth some great content every day.

Use the post's link liquid tag to display it fully, i.e.:

{% link %}
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And feel free to add why you want to want to give it more love.

Don't worry about whether you've picked the best post, let the readers decide if it should rise to the top.

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You know how some people say that it's useless to re-implement array methods in terms of .reduce.... well, it turns out it's not that useless. We can use that handy "feature" to build composable operations on top of reducers, and use .reduce itself as an iteration protocol. This stuff is insane.

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Alex Lakatos πŸ₯‘
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Ted Ngeene

I wrote a post to introduce beginners to git as well as highlight some handy practices while working with git.

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Updated my post recently, it's a comprehensive cheatsheet along with some examples. Let me know your feedback :)

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Petros Koulianos
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Alessandro Genova
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Jonathan Yeong
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Sandor Dargo
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nurgasemetey • Edited