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Ben Halpern
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Jan 19: DEV Daily Discovery

Please make a comment to this thread with a DEV post that you think deserves to be read more broadly. If it's your own post that's fine.

It could be recent, or it could be classic.

And then read through the thread and ❀️ posts where you like. I'm hoping that the wisdom of the crowds can help unearth some great content every day.

Use the post's link liquid tag to display it fully, i.e.:

{% link %}
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And feel free to add why you want to want to give it more love.

Don't worry about whether you've picked the best post, let the readers decide if it should rise to the top.

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Waylon Walker

I had a lot of imposter syndrome for a long time about not having a software engineering degree. Partly due to the fact that I was told by so many that Mechanical Engineers write the worst code. I was self-motivated and always learning. It was helpful for me to understand that I was not all that different.

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Dino Kacavenda

As a New Year resolution, I started blogging. This is my second blog where I covered some React.useState advanced topics. Hope you like it and all comments how I can improve are welcome:

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Ben Halpern
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BK β˜•

I worked on a proof of concept to imitate Google's multi login implementation on the Frontend, without the parts that in my opinion are bad.

Here is an post talking about the reason behind the POC, and a quick explanation of the setup.

sheriffderek profile image

I think Joey had a great break-down of his experience vetting boot camps, and that it's a shame more people didn't get to read it.

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Sandor Dargo
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Let share ideas together on WhatsApp group. You can join via the link below.

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Marius Ebel

Loved the visual approach to a scenic day night switch of this small post series. Found it kind of cute πŸ˜…

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Osania - sancodes • Edited