The DEV Shop is open for business

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πŸ‘‰ shop.dev.to 🎁

We're super happy to re-launch the shop. Folks have been asking about this for a while. Between today and the end of Cyber Monday, you can get 10,000% (base 2) off your order with coupon code 0b10000

Happy shopping ❀️

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Hey Jess. Nice shirt.

Just copped the CONSOLE and I'm so excited to show my friends I'm Dev famous 😍


re-launch? Wasn't aware you had a shop before. Hope it helps you become a self-sustainable company!!


We briefly had it open but needed to re-tool the line and find some time to manage it. So we closed it down for a while but now it's back open for good.


haha I just orders an 2xl girls one. "screw you hippies" :P Girl boy, or both lol


Tell me if you look ridonculous in them, lol

Doubt it, I'm a rat, I look fabulous in everything :D built like a horse but rat in nature lol

Infact, I have a crazy story or two about wearing womens cloths and partys. But it ain't a secret, if i tell yooooou....crazy stories.....

btw, post with me in the shirt is definitely on the cards. Gotta scare off the competition if I'm going to get Irenne.

I'm just having fun with you, I don't even know Irene. Have you seen her???? lol

Wait up, is that like a donkey thing, yeah you nearly fooled me, "ridonculous", I really need to learn bold and italics on this forum. Woohee that was a good one.


Not yet, but we'll take that as a request.


Flawless shopping experience. Looking forward wearing my Dev tee.
Well done!


Boom just got an email to say my t shirt is being shipped to the UK. I'll be wearing this one to work πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ¦„


Hell yeah, it's hot over here so order singlet 2XL cause I wasn't sure if it was for males or females. Woot! Got me a DEV shirt. :)


Maybe someone could help me to choose the best size for a T shirt. I am 72 inches tall and I'm thin.
Thanks !

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