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This Week in Code, for the Week of Sep 12-18

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・2 min read

This the first of a weekly look at what happened this week in terms of industry news and interesting blog posts. I cannot cover everything, but this is a list of what stood out to me.

Angular 2.0 was released

Swift 3.0 was released

Varnish 5.0 was released

GitLab released their "master plan"

GitHub stole their thunder and released a ton of features

The GitHub GraqphQL API

Great comparison between the various repo hosting companies

Google HTML Styleguide – Omit Optional Tags

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet

There is No REST API

Knowledge Debt

Mozilla Thimble — Interesting JSFiddle-type tool

Avoid the Code Crawl by Reading Tests

New Contributors To Open Source, Please Blog More


Dear Al Jazeera: Why Steal Our Code?. Al Jazeera has since added an explanation to this story.

And there you have it. This will be a weekly piece and it will keep improving. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to write your own roundup if you don't think I covered something well enough. If you want to make sure something gets on my radar for future weeks, your best bet is to publish it right here on DEV.to.


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