If I could go back in time and speak to myself 5 years ago, I would say...

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If you could go back in time and approach the 5-year younger version of yourself, what would you tell yourself? Any words of advice? Some wise nuggets learned during the past five years? Something to definitely do? Something to definitely not do?


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Being a programmer is for you! It's not just for kids who've been hacking in the basement since they were 3. You can do it!


100% this comment!

  • Sit properly and maintain a good posture, you have only one vertebrae in your life and please take a good care of it. And also, your eyes. Get some sleep or see some greens to give them some rest.
  • Share more! Writing, public speaking, contributing to open sources. It's a whole lot better way to learn and improve than simply learn from your senior devs in your company (most of the time...), and also, you help the community to improve by sharing/contributing what you know.
  • Breathe. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the moment and spiraled down to depression, but it's mostly because you forgot to allow yourself to take a moment and breathe.

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chill. you're doing fine. no need to skip all those nights. keep steady and still. it's a long marathon not a 1km sprint. your family is proud of you. and there are people that love you. oh btw keep your studies plan.


Throw out your couch. That thing was janky when you got it, and in four years time it's going to ruin your back for at least seven months... probably a lot longer. Existence will be painful if you don't get rid of your couch.

I'd also tell me that my back hurts.


Stay more time with your family


Mostly I'd give myself a lesson or two in humility, then a briefing of future events: baby on the way, working at amazing place, WASM is going to be a thing, and the car you drive will not always be that thing.


Forget JavaScript and stick with C#. You aren’t getting better pay if you switch (for the location you’re moving to).

Oh and enjoy your family.


Can definitely relate to the enjoy your family part!


Burnout is real! Dont overwork!


Stop wasting time on .net and start learning react, angular and other new things..


Hey man, don't learn any framework if you don't have any base knowledge. It will take time to be back. Do build everything from base, learn more networking, ethical hacking, cyber security, data structure, and algorithm and you 'll be good.


I recently was diagnosed with some attention issues, which I finally took the step to figure out what was the cause at the behest of a loved one. I went to get that checked out and have been prescribed some medication for it. My I/O has completely changed like night and day, I am able to do things I thought weren’t possible for me.

Before the diagnosis I had a lot of trouble keeping attention at the things I loved to do like coding. I used to think that I wasn’t good, smart or dedicated enough to do this at my job. Imposter syndrome 101 was in full effect for me. I had even gotten into depression over the feeling of jot advancing or getting any better at simple topics. I had gotten pretty so far in my career on the basis of many red bulls and all nighters just to grasp required subjects.

After recognizing the issue and getting help I told my wife that “I now know what it’s like to feel normal”. If I could go back five years from now into the past, I would definitely open up and talk to someone about my struggles. This could’ve been prevented or at least mitigated a lot earlier in my life if I hadn’t been so stubborn, ignorant or more of my situation. While this may not apply for many, it did for me, and if it rings a bell for you either directly or indirectly with something else no shame in discussing this with a trusted loved on or a counselor.

p.s. excuse the formatting I’m writing from a phone in a shuttle back to the house.


I think I might have a similar challenge.


Your managers can only do so much if you don't take the lead on your career.


Just two things..
Don't dream big just keep doing what you love.
Be Sincere than Serious.


Go for web development, forget the video games industry, it's not for you anyway.

Failing is an important part of learning.


I would say to myself work night and day and do not waste time. I think I would to follow that advice.


Learn English, start study new EcmaScript, preprocessors, ReactJS, and also don't seek employment in FLS.


Don’t be an idiot. It changed my life. Whenever I’m about to do something, I think “would an idiot do this” and if they would, I don’t do that thing.


Don't get that associate's. Histotechnology isn't that fun.

Go back for comp sci instead!


Thank her for pushing through and to keep doing it. It might take some time but you'll get there soon.


Exercise more, it makes you happier than money. Also, it only gets harder as you get older, so start now.


Everyone has your time, take yours and do not try to pressure yourself if something is going wrong, in the end if you keep trying whatever you’re doing will happen for you!


Conventional education ie college, isn't required, there are other avenues you can take towards a successful career.


Nothing. I'm well placed professionally and personally because of the mistakes I did. Proud of them.


Not to the 5 year younger myself, but like 1-2 years ago: "yes, you CAN solve that" [bug, problem, whatever...]


Go broke buying bitcoin, of course.


You'll want better than that! Buy when it hits £140, top up as much as possible under £400, sell at £13,000. Buy back at £5,000, sell at £8,000, buy again at £5,000, sell again at £6,500, buy again at £2,600, and sell at £10,000, that should make you very rich, just "buy bitcoin" is very likely to see you buy it at £200, and sell it at £400, thinking you've done great!


I'll tell myself: "You did a great job, don't regret anything. But it's better to buy some Bitcoin NOW"