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Berat Bozkurt
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My Portfolio 👨🏼‍💻

My Portfolio

Since I planned to work in Germany or the US as a career, I created my new portfolio homepage. I used reactjs, nextjs in the project and this is my first project using dark mode.

I write here because: I would like you to get a few feedback, learn more about me, support them if you are a beginner, check out my open source projects I've done so far.

My portfolio :

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andrioid profile image

Nice site. You linked to "twiter" instead of "twitter" on the main page.

beratbozkurt0 profile image
Berat Bozkurt

Oh I didn't pay attention. Thank you, I'm updating.

eldardautovic profile image
Eldar Dautović

This is looking really cool! I like how you implemented everything!