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Bernhard Webstudio
Bernhard Webstudio

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Hi, it's me, Tim Bernhard from Bernhard Webstudio

I have been coding for [big number] years.

You can find me on GitHub as BernhardWebstudio

I live in Switzerland.

I founded Bernhard Webstudio when I got 18. Since then, Bernhard Webstudio is my "Company-Identity", used to publish, distribute and sell my programming skills.

Nice to meet you.

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im Mantas Mantoska im from lithuania im getting a cool pop socket and im 24 years old and im tommorow being 25 years old so wish me luch dont forget my name im Mantas Mantoska have a nice day :D

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Ben Halpern

"Company-Identity". That's an interesting term.

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Bernhard Webstudio

Yeah. I may have just made it up. Is there an official term I could use?